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Cabbage Soup Diet Review

The cabbage soup diet is one of the most popular fad diets floating around the Internet, perhaps even more popular than the atkins diet right now, because of the novelty of eating soup which is based on cabbage as its main ingredient. The cabbage soup diet program is one of the most interesting fad diets because of the fact that it really isn't very healthy or effective in burning body fat or losing weight in a long term way, but it creates fascination with its strange soup which is actually not very tasty since its main ingredient is just "bland" cabbage. In fact, the type of weight loss that the cabbage soup diet plan openly promotes is a fast drop of water weight during this 7 day semi-starvation diet, eating any type of empty calorie soup will allow the same type of weight loss to be attained, there is nothing mystical or magical about cabbage actually.

This diet program is a 7 day diet that requires the eating of other odd combinations of food each day, such as "fruit and milk" one day and "vegetables and milk" the next. Then, to give this diet some great "sales appeal" (and a great new fad diet name) the makers of this diet allow you to eat as much cabbage soup as you want each day which makes people think they can eat unlimited amounts of food and still lose weight permanently, when in reality you can eat unlimited amounts of low calorie soup all day which is just not very tasty or tolerable to most people.

Of course, this cabbage soup is so bland tasting and contains so few calories that it is like eating celery, onions, carrots, and cabbage all day (not too tasty). Can you imagine eating nothing but that type of soup all day long? Of course not, but this recipe for cabbage soup (included with the diet) is not much more appealing than that and allows very few other ingredients besides celery, onions, carrots, and cabbage.

In fact, this cabbage soup is so bland and bad tasting that many dieters claim to have to force it down each day, and quickly find that it feels like coming back up.

The cabbage soup diet is little more than an all out starvation diet based on eating very low calorie soup, where you are being led to believe that you will not be starving yourself since you have the option of eating "unlimited" amounts of this soup. However, try eating unlimited amounts of cabbage by itself and see how satisfied you feel after that (soup based on cabbage is not much more satisfying than that). Because this diet is so low in calories you will lose 10 pounds during the first week perhaps, but it is pure water being lost from your body and nothing more.

The cabbage soup diet is incredibly unhealthy and will not lead to permanent weight loss. You cannot lose weight permanently by starving yourself or flooding your system with cabbage soup, you can only lose water weight by doing that.