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Before proceeding your registration, please take time to read all rules/terms below, thank you!
JodohOnline.com (JodohOnline = OnlineMating) is an open community which intended for responsible adult person with good manner and well behave who seriously seeking a soulmate for marriage. We strive to build the system to cater and endorse such attitude as it's become part of the initial purpose and will be kept as it is !

Please DO NOT sign up if :
  1. You are below 25 years old. Again, this site is built for marriage seeking purpose not for adolescent nor childish behaviour person.
  2. You intend or try to find adultery, sexual, unfaithful relationship, homosexuality relationship (gay/lesbian), prostitute, porn pics, etc! The corresponding accounts will be deleted/banned without notice. This site is not belong to such kind of relationship!
    There are many websites for dating or even fornication purpose, use those sites only.
  3. You are not serious enough for marriage and only to surf around or playfully! It's just wasting the bandwidth and storage.
  4. You want to include email address within your profile description, just inform other members about your email address directly.
  5. You want to include phone number in profile/username, mobilphone number is allowed but can only be placed in separate section.
  6. You want to include any clue/guidance, home, office, or any address within your profile description.
  7. You intend to promote any websites or upload the photos which showing URL, email or such tricks, these are categorized as spam.
  8. You want to upload (but not limited to) cartoon, logo, animal, famous figure (selebrities, athletes, etc.), or porn pictures!
  9. You can't interact with other members with well manner or can't behave like how an adult supposed to be.
Please note that sooner or later, all violation to these rules will causing the deletion of violator accounts (or banned).
I do agree with any applied term/rules and will never break any of it !

Since beginning, this site was built for serious matchmaking, please have respect to such community.
We do appreciate for your understanding about this matter.

Username must be between 2-20 characters and contain alphabet, underscore (_) and number/digit only (maximum digit length is 5). It can not be changed & will be shown to public. For privacy reason, do not use your real name as username. There is no need to put your age on username because the program will add your age every year, thus it will confuse other users.
A confirmation email will be sent to this email address, so make sure that your inbox is not full or it will be bounced back and your registration can't be processed as a consequent!
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